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The General Manager loves challenges: "I go on my gut feeling"

He has opened hotels, closed some and reopened others. Mikael Wennerström has been in the industry for 40 years and is today the General Manager at JA Hotel in Karlskrona.
- I like when the challenge is so great that you need to tie the knot on yourself to find a solution, he says.

City Hotel YES pleas ( JA means yes)

There is a lot going on at Karlskronas own city hotel. Much has already been done but even more will happen and a good piece of advice is to keep track of the developments here. All in all, this will be something very positive for Karlskrona City and Trossö. Not only for hotel guests but also for us who live here.

15 new jobs are created in Karlskrona

The property owner Heimstaden intends to run JA Hotel under their own auspices - now a new hotel manager has been recruited in Mikael Wennerström with 40 years of experience from the industry.

They will run the hotel

First hotel left, but now it is clear who will continue to run the hotel.

The hotel reopens

Now the hotel opens - with plans for a new restaurant and outdoor seating

Since September last year, the hotel in the Wachtmeister mall has been closed. At the beginning of June, it will open under new management. Following an extensive renovation, the hotel plans to become a central meeting place with a new restaurant and outdoor seating

Interview conducted by Wachtmeister

JA Hotel's first summer was successful and, to say the least, well attended. What did the guests think then? Join a check with Angelina and Rasmus from the wonderful team at JA Hotel Karlskrona

New restaurant, bar & Lobby coming soon

This is where it happens! The new JA Hotel Karlskrona has opened, but as promised, there will also be a new restaurant, bar and lounge for both guests and Karlskrona. Now lennandia Advertising AB & Tryckcentrum has made sure that we cover the building super nicely until the doors can be opened.

Wachtmeister interviews Front Desk Manager Ebba Regestedt

Welcome Ebba - or rather welcome back
Ebba Regestedt has previously worked at the hotel in Wachtmeister and when it soon opens under new management, Ebba has climbed to the position as Front Desk Manager at JA Hotel ...

Wachtmeister interviews General Manager Mikael Wennerström

Our new General Manager Mikael Wennerström with 40 years of experience from the hotel industry is in full swing ahead of this summer's opening ...