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JA Hotel and its precursor Storkällaren existing since the late 18th century 

JA Hotel is located at a place where hotel operations have been conducted for over a hundred years. In the 1920s it was called Hotell Storkällaren to later change its name to Hotell Savoy and now it is called JA Hotel. However Storkällaren has more history than that. It opened as a tavern and entertainment palace in 1786. At that time, the theater director Johan von Blanche had bought the house from Rear Admiral C. G. Grubbe and set it up as a tavern under the name Storkällaren. 

A milestone not only for the entertainment scene in Karlskrona but for the entire country of Sweden! At this time, Karlskrona was Sweden's second largest city. von Blanche understood that the Karlskrona audience needed more than a theater. When Storkällaren opened its doors in 1786, it quickly became the home of the higher social classes targeting upper class people. 

Newspaper advertisements stated "simple people do not bother". What brought the visitors at Storkällaren were not only the restaurant itself but also a billiard hall, a dance and masquerade hall and a bowling alley indoors! von Blanche had previously organized masquerade balls in the city's newly built theater building, but then he also moved those to Storkällaren. That did not happen without protests. Fears were raised in the local press if it might be appropriate for finer ladies to visit masquerades in a basement. But von Blanche reassured the critics and said that he did this only because it was warmer in Storkällaren in winter than in the large and cold theater building. The city's fine ladies were then reassured and attended as guests. 

In the devastating city fire that passes over Karlskrona in June 1790, the entire Storkällaren burns down. The new two-storey wooden building was re-built after the city fire on the old stone foundation. The business first starts again as a restaurant. It is probably in connection with the business being moved as a hotel in the 1920s that the façade facing Borgmästaregatan is given the look it has today. 

In 1988, the property was built together with the Wachtmeister Mall and then got more hotel rooms and another entrance. One is via the original magnificent stairwell with an entrance from the popular pedestrian street Borgmästaregatan. The other entrance is inside the Mall itself. As the hotel is under the same roof as the Mall, all guests have easy access to Karlskrona's largest Shopping Mall.  
JA Hotel has 108 rooms, restaurant, bar and conference. In the spring of 2021, all bathrooms were renovated and during the summer of 2021, and the hotel expanded with 6 new hotel rooms during the autumn 2021.  
Every time you enter the JA Hotel, you are in a place that has attracted comfort and well-being - all the way since 1786! 

JA Hotel is a subsidiary of Heimstaden Bostad AB and is managed by Fredensborg Hospitality. 

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